March 19, 2018

Our Dark Duet

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If last week I was talking a book that I highly enjoyed this week is the turn to talk about a boot that disappointed me: Our Dark Duet by V.E. Schwab. This is by no mean a bad book is just that when compare to the first book in the duology this book is shit. I am sorry for the rude expression but it´s true.

As per usual this will be a spoiler free review but as it´s the second book in the duology you might find some spoilers regarding This Savage Song; if you have yet to read that one check out my review by clicking here. If I need to make a spoiler related to Our Dark Duet it will be warned in advance and written in white so if you want to read it is because you make the choice.

Our Dark Duet starts six months after the events of This Savage Song. Kate is living on her ow haunting monsters in Prosperity while August is dealing with the consequences of the events of the first book. But when Kate discovers that a new monster call The Chaos Eater is heading to Verity she left everything and goes back home to help.

As I have previously stated, this book disappointed me. I was expecting something action packed and as good as the first book. Instead I found a book that is very slow. Is like the whole book is like the first 100 pages of This Savage Song.

The writing was still good. I think that the author has a way to make things look how she wants too. In this book she continues to play with all the shades of grey and does an excellent job. I think this is even more noticeable in the book by the introduction of two characters that are way too extreme. In one hand there is Soro, who is constantly trying to do what they think s right. IN the other hand we have Alice, who is extremely evil. I think that these two characters bring so much to the story, but they have not been use properly. Is not the case for Alice who gets a lot of space, but Soro being such an interesting character should have gotten way more pages that they did.
In my review of This Savage song I said that I highly enjoyed Kate as character, and I have still loved her. Moreover, when her circumstances in this book changes for the worst and still she tries to do right. However, I havent enjoyed August as much as I did on the previous book. There was a point in which I was annoyed to be reading from his perspective. I havent like his evolution.

Other thing that I havent like is how the relationship between August and Kate evolves. [SPOILER]They had a great friendship, and all of the sudden, because it´s all of the sudden, they are interested in each other in a romantic way? [END OF THE SPOILER] Certainly I didnt singed up for that.

But I have liked how brave the author was. [SPOILER] She kills one of her main characters and left the other one in a position of pain and sorrow. It´s not very often that we get to see an author to kill the main character and in this case, it was fitting. In a place like Verity a happy ending was completely out of the place [END OF SPOILER].

I ended up giving this book 3 out of 5 stars, more of a 2.75 because it cannot be compare to the first book. However, if I read this book on its own I would have enjoyed it more. I think that in my imagination they are going to be separated books because for me the ended of the first book worked as the ending.

What are your feeling towards this book?

See you all next Monday!

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