August 23, 2018


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It´s time for a new review and today I would like to talk about the final book in the Illuminae Files trilogy: Obsidio. I read the two first instalments of the trilogy last year and they were fun, however I considered the first to be better than the first.

This review will be spoiler free with regard this book however as it´s the third instalment you will find spoilers for the first and second book. So, in case you haven’t read already the first two books I will recommend for you to read he reviews of Illuminae and Gemina by clicking on the title of each book.

Now without further ado, let´s jump into the actual review.

Obsidio takes place right when Gemina finished. The Hypatia and the Mao are becoming one crew and the files need to be put together in case the trial takes place. And barely anything else can be said because it could potentially be a spoiler and I do not like to ruin the books for you guys.

This book was entertaining there is no doubt of it. However, I find that is not as good as the first instalment was. I do not think that any of the books in this series reach its whole potential with the only exception of Illuminae. I really don´t know why but I feel like something is missing.

In this book we get to see all the characters from the previous books working together and that was something that I enjoyed very much. I loved to see Ezra and Nick dynamics and I like how we see how a friendship be could be forming between Hannah and Kady.

In this book there was a new couple that seems to be the equivalent of Nick and Hannah as well as Kady and Ezra on their respective books. To be honest is a wanna be Kady and Ezra that is just that a copy, and not as near as funny and perfect as those two are.

The style was as usual during these books and it was fun and quick to read. Plus, as you read the files you get to see things from a different perspective to what you are used to when reading. You are not reading a cohesive narrative. Instead you are reading the files, with emails, radio communications and video transcriptions.

The story in this book seems to be more ambitious. Is trying to close the whole thing while telling a new story for the book. It´s ok but the conclusion seems rush as there are many elements and the introduction of new characters that are very ambivalent. However, the ambivalence of the characters is not a problem. The problem happens because for almost 400 pages there is barely nothing happening into the book and within the last 200 pages everything tries to be solved. Being the solution rush and letting the reader with the feeling that the story is incomplete.

Overall, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars and will recommend it to all the syfy lovers outthere even when I have been disappointed with the last two instalments. My disappointment has nothing to do with the books or the story being bad, because at any case they are not.

See you all in my next post!

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