September 3, 2018

Daugther of the Siren Queen

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A couple of days ago I brought you a review of the first instalment in the Daughter of the Pirate King series and today I am bringing the review of the second and last one. As you guys can gather for the proximity of both reviews it´s obvious that I enjoyed this duology and devoured it in less than a week. I am starting to fulfil one of my beginning of the year proposed by reading book in the same series closely, so I don’t have to reread.

Regarding this book I will say that I also listen to it instead of physically reading but the narrator did such a fantastic job in telling the story that I think that this was the perfect way for me to read these books. Marisa Calin was the voice telling the story and she did a magnificent job by putting different voices to each character and putting the emotions needed on each scene as it best fitted. I will be listening more Audiobook by her because she was great at acting this two.

About the review I will say before starting, that this will be a spoiler free review regarding this book. However, as it´s the second instalment in the duology there are spoilers for the first book in the series. So, if you haven’t yet read Daughter of the Pirate King I recommend for you to check my review of that one and then go and read the book and finally come back here to read this review and then the second book 😊.

So, the story starts a couple months after we left. Alosa is furious with the pirate who capture her and force her to show him her powers and she will get her revenge. She seeks him, hunt him down and finally obtains the last part of the map that will lead to Isla de Canto. In that journey she will face dangers she cannot even begging to imagine, plus she also has to deal with Riden and her father.

Let me start this review by saying that this book was everything I wanted to but didn’t know I wanted to. It was way better than the first one and I have loved every bit it.

Character wise I must say that Alosa has a great growth. It´s incredible how much she matures in such short number of pages. I know of several characters that are into book 6 in the series and are even more annoying that they were in book one. That is not the case for Alosa. She has grown, and she understands her responsibilities. Nonetheless this growing goes not only for her. It also happens to the rest of the characters and I have highly enjoyed reading how their relationships grows because their own growing. I will dare to say that the characters are one of the things that I have enjoyed the most in this series. And yes, I do know that in my last review I said that Alosa got into my nerves at first.

The other character that I have loved is Riden, he is so cute and from now on my newest book-boyfriend. I cannot finish talking about the characters without mentioning how much I enjoyed Kieran and the new incorporations into the cast of characters. If you hesitate to go on with the series because of what you found on the first book character wise, go and read this one because is magnificent.

As for the plot I must say that it´s very different from book one even when it´s a continuation of the same story. In this book Tricia Levenseller takes the plot to places we cannot even begging to imagine and it was so much fun to read it. I was shocked with the plot twist and how thanks to them new characters were being introduced constantly.

I found that there were a few risks plot wise that were very brave and that at the end were done in a very intelligent way making the story bigger and better. I will only say a word, and those who have read the book will understand me, the rest probably will be intrigued and will most likely want to read the book ASAP: Cannibals.

And I believe that I have only left to tell that this is a fast pace story and once you stop you cannot stop reading.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and will definitely recommend for all of the pirate’s lovers out there to read it.

See you all in my next post!

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